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GG-107 Yuki Natsume Daughter Feel Being Fucked In Front Of Parents

GG-107 Yuki Natsume Daughter Feel Being Fucked In Front Of Parents

Yuki of the university student was having a happy life with his parents without any inconvenience. One day, a man named Koshima comes home. He was a man fired by Yuuki’s father. Yuuki will be raped by his opposition to his father. Yuki who is kissed forcibly, fiddled with her breasts and genitals, and feels humiliated as a woman. However, sensitive Yuki felt culminating despite being violently attacked by a man, wetting genitalia and blowing to the tide for pleasure. Moreover, I remember the violent event and secretly make masturbation. On the other hand, Kohoshima where the grudge is not clearly rapes Yuuki again, this time in front of his parents. She will have forbidden pleasure and cum in despair in front of her parents.

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