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GTJ-086 Torture Meat Daruma Azusa Misaki

GTJ-086 Torture Meat Daruma Azusa Misaki

Kaname flower, first directed work. The leading actress is Azusa Misaki, a junior of the M female army! She suffers from hard throat irritability. I can’t even breathe, it’s hung with a tied up rope, and I’m blamed for an unprotected device. Furthermore FUCK out demon thrust! great! Too great! ! Water attack while restrained by a flat stand. Don’t put your hair in between, blame the whole body for candles. In addition, with a wooden club genital attack, the tide blows up high and spree. A series of relentless hand-held whips by Ren Nuejin. Gachinko SEX of the soul… and a masterpiece is born as the first directed work!

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