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Her husband looks like a raped his wife.


Her husband looks like a raped his wife.

Young guys are not drug addicts which did not work and they needed money, was a way to steal the apartment. Today is a good day the apartment was open and they are being robbed of her but the guys in the room saw that the owners of the apartment a young family slept in a bed the husband and wife.
Burglars think what to do and decided to rape the wife and husband even looks like his wife was raped, tied up with tape and taped her husband’s mouth.

One guy was holding her husband and another fucking his wife, after being raped by the robbers took away valuables and fled.


File Name:  50 Her husband looks like a raped his wife.
Format: avi
Duration: 00:28:22
Resolution: 512×368
Size: 170 MB



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