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HNF-010 Endurance Test (2) Animal Abuse Girl Jogakuen Heavy Responsibility Nose

HNF-010 Endurance Test (2) Animal Abuse Girl Jogakuen Heavy Responsibility Nose

Heavy nose fantasy world. A fun world story where women are allowed to be treated as domestic animals, and correction to ugly pigs with nose hooks is a compulsory education. Heavy Nose Jogakuen provides thorough corporal punishment education and nurtures complete livestock women who are obedient to orders by violence and abuse.
In the basement teaching room, the level of training of female students is confirmed, and severely disciplined re-education is immediately given to students who are judged to be insufficient. Self-nose hook compulsory show, walking on all fours, compulsory shy poses, limit nose hanging special training with face restraint board, suffocation purpose Irama special training, compulsory special training, livestock woman declaration, but kicking in the crotch keep, Manko tapping, mankicking, occipital screaming voice greetings, spine style neck tightening suffocation resistance, spine style, torture nose hanging, neck hanging forced toe standing leg training, neck hanging face congestion test, unreasonable rule neck hanging roulette, livestock woman bun show Keep, corporal punishment, and torture on all fours were conducted.
The girls in sailor suits were not treated as human beings, but were only meat dolls for pain and abuse.

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