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MS-04 Yuria Hidaka Semen Love 3 Expansion Frenzy Hiriya Hidaka Milky Cat

MS-04 Yuria Hidaka Semen Love 3 Expansion Frenzy Hiriya Hidaka Milky Cat

More than 1,000 total actors, more than 3000 Bukkake Cum semen! A total of five volumes with a total time of 8 hours or more. The comic “Semen loving little girl” that was serialized in 2006 under the pen name [Izumi Sakaki] was changed with the current sense. The world’s first serial drama AV that progresses with a story and characters following the original manga. There is no redundant drama scene, and the little girl is getting dirty in the semen village. New era character AV. Mania must-have!

Volume 3: Extended Frenzy
At the end of the class on the first day of the semen village, Yuria is tested as a daughter who has forgotten her embarrassment. “Kachinkachin” and an iron ball hanging on the labia, covered in shame with a nose hook, and indulging in Dirty Masturbation while expanding and training himself. Three or four iron balls were added, exposing the labia and nose extended to the limit, inviting men with painful idiots in pain, and in the care of the public, the chick was exposed to a foolish idiot Scream and invite Bocchi. While men are blamed for their whole body, they have to catch dozens of pricks with their eyes open. Yuria who falls asleep in delight with her whole body covered in chin. When it’s dry, end the day.

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