MUSOZ-0157 Double Slave Madness Outrageous Torture |

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MUSOZ-0157 Double Slave Madness Outrageous Torture

MUSOZ-0157 Double Slave Madness Outrageous Torture

Slave A Sleeped in chloroform and tied up and squeezed and released vaginal cum shot. Pissing as it is. I walked outdoors on all fours like a dog, forced standing piss, and injected nine 200cc enema. Inject with the ass open. Restrained by pillars, blame electric heat, blame high heat candles. Mouth hit with an outdoor walk whip with a nose hook. Next, blame the dildo, hang it upside down from the ceiling, blow the arrow to the butt with a blow dart, and pierce it with a syringe needle. Just crying and emptying … Slave B Forced urination outdoors and wash away the dirty area with man’s urine. A lot of wieners are inserted in the buttocks, milk enema and defecation, hanging on the ceiling, hitting with a whip, forcibly urinating with a catheter, hanging water upside down on the empty bladder, and blaming again. She pierces a number of injection needles to the ass peach and blasts it with a blow arrow. Many legs are squeezed out with the open legs hanging. Next, blame, light bulb, and flame blame. And a burning candle is blamed on the whole body. An injection needle is pierced into the nipple.

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